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Cost Of Replacing A Hybrid Battery On A Prius or Camry

What Should You Pay For Your New Hybrid Battery?

Below is a list of MSRP battery cost details for the various hybrid Toyota models offered since 2001.

2001-2003 Toyota Prius (1st generation) - $3,649

2004-2009 Toyota Prius (2nd generation) - $3,939

2010-2011 Toyota Prius (3rd generation) - $4.080

2012-2015 Toyota Prius Liftback - $3,939

2012-2016 Toyota Prius V - $3,939

2012-2016 Toyota Prius C - $3,807

2007-2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid - $4,892

2012-2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid - $4,892

2013-2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid - $4,892

2006-2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - $6,198

2011-2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - $6,353

Here at Hybrid Battery Repair of Tampa Bay we can get you up and running for just $499.00.

If you own a Toyota Prius or Camry and need your hybrid battery replaced we offer the best price on hybrid battery repairs and rebuilds. Call us at 727-565-5685. Check out our other services and price guides.

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