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Absolute Cheapest Price On A Prius Hybrid Battery In Tampa Bay Florida

2005 Toyota Prius Dashboard Warning Lights - Hybrid Battery Dead!

I recently had a strong suspicion that my 2005 Prius main hybrid battery was on its way out. I would notice a fast drain to my battery in the morning and then a spike at the next stop. This went on for about a week and then it hit. The lights any Prius owner hates to see. Yes, the red triangle of death as mechanics call it. In my mind I'm quickly seeing dollars flying away out of my checking account. I've heard it costs around $3,000.00 to have a dealer replace a hybrid main battery. And that is on the low end of the cost estimates.

Well, I drove home and decided to either park the car and have a beer or drive the car into the pond near my home. Since it was my only car, a car I really love, I decided to look into it further. After searching Google for some deals on hybrid batteries in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. And after checking Craigslist, Ebay, and several other online resources for the best prices on hybrid batteries I was still left with the question. OK, now that I'm planning on buying a new battery, yes, still hundreds of dollars, who will now put it in? I've never even seen my hybrid battery. My first thought was, What happens if I electrocute myself? Now, not only do I have a dead car but I'm toast too!

I looked further and found there are some local mechanics that will come out and replace or rebuild Prius hybrid batteries right at your home. I found one young man that was located about a half an hour from me in New Port Richey Florida. He advertised a $499.00 special. I was very happy to know this job would not break the bank, and my back of course!

Paul said he would be at my home at 8:00 AM sharp the next day. He was right on time. Since I wanted to see the way the battery was connected and the hybrid componenets I stayed with Paul for 4 hours watching him turn every bolt and do his thing. It really was an education. Paul did an excellent job and reassembled my car just as it was. I was very happy with his work. He has a business in the Tampa Bay area but told me he services all of Florida and parts of Georgia. His website is Affordable Hybrid Battery Repair of Tampa Bay.


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